Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Let's Start At The Very Beginning...

It's a very good place to start! Welcome to my brand new blog! I've been considering a blog since xanga was around, but never felt I had anything worth reading. I'm still not sure I have anything anyone will be interested in, but here I am anyway.

As a teenager, I collected magazines that contained interviews with my favorite celebrities. I'm not a celebrity in any sense of the word (except maybe in my imagination), but I am a believer in having a good introduction to any reading. So, for my good introduction to my blog, I am going to give you a celebrity interview.

Without further ado, the guest of the evening - Mrs. Curly-T! (Loud applause)

BloggerHost: Mrs. Curly-T, what an honor to have you here tonight.

Curly-T: It's an honor for me to be here, Blogger. Thank you for accepting my proposed name submission.

BloggerHost: No problem. I hope you didn't have too many problems finding a name. By the way, why DID you choose Curly By Nature?

Curly-T: I'm so glad you asked! As you can see by my profile picture, I have curly hair, it's naturally that way. Mr. Curly has naturally curly hair, though he keeps it too short to curl. Not surprisingly,both my children, Curly Girl and Curly Boy, also have curly hair. I wanted a name that reflected not only me, but also my family.

BloggerHost: I see. And what about your title, "The Frizz of Life?"

Curly-T: (Laughing) Oh that. Well, it seems every blog has its own little niche. I couldn't think of one for what I wanted to share - stories about my kids, movie and book reviews, creative writing spats, rants, rave, recipes, crafts... There wasn't one specific thing I could name! And I thought about life, how it twists and turns, loops and knots, much like naturally curly hair! And life, like my hair, has a tendency to frizz and go wild. It's never the smooth, easy, straight path we expect or want. So it only seemed fitting, that if my Curly By Nature blog was going to about all the unexpected things of life, that it needed to be titled The Frizz of Life.

BloggerHost: Well that is fascinating, just fascinating. So what can we expect to read from you first?

Curly-T: It's anybody's guess! I have several things in mind, but we'll see what the road of life brings!

"Let's start at the very beginning, it's a very good place to start" is from this movie.

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Anonymous said...

As in the Tea Party in the Disney Classic- Alice in Wonderland.

Alice: "Where should I begin"
The Hare: "Why don't you start at the beginning and when you come to the end, STOP".