Wednesday, April 16, 2014

3 is the magic number... age... whatever

Oh three. You bring such joy through trials, and pain, and patience....

Not-Curly (Curly Baby as you began) I love you.  You're enthusiasm is endearing.  Your competitiveness is worrying and amazing.  You are full tilt no matter your decision, you do nothing by halves.  And while sometimes that causes disagreements, I know it is a strength you will need in life.  Growing up is hard, but you're doing a great job of it!
Keep your love of life.  Keep your love of cars. Keep believing that you know what is absolutely best for you, despite what people around you say.  Knowing your mind is powerful.
And now you're THREE!  My baby is gone, my toddler has ran, and my preschooler, who is SO READY for kindergarten (or maybe just to be in big school like sis and brother), has one more year at home.  I know it will be a year we never forget!  I pray for you too, Not-Curly, God's blessing and provision, and that you feel his hand on your shoulder all the days of your life.
 Bucky Bear is the ultimate friend, he even protects eyes from the camera's flash!

 Not-Curly insisted on being Larry-Boy for Halloween.  He was so proud of that costume!!

Running back to the sand box with a mini dump truck to fill it up again.  Nothing better than a day outside in camo-pants and matching sweatshirt!

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