Saturday, November 2, 2013

Halloween is over, it must be November - the month of causes!

Kind of a long title, huh?
But it is true!

Halloween is over, so now begins November.

In November, I make Christmas gifts.
In November, I attempt to write a novel (part of NaNoWriMo since 2011).
In November, I deep clean and purge the house getting ready for Christmas influx.

Mr. Curly has a list of November things too -
Yard work, church clean-up, Christmas lights and decor, and this year - MOvember.
Yep, he's growing a mustache (JUST a mustache, a new thing for him) to raise awareness of prostate cancer.

His father is a survivor, giving Mr. Curly double the chances of having this cancer as well.  So we're pretty serious about it.
And this is a fun was to do it.

We're also giving the Curly Kids a cause this year - as they will each be filling a box for Operation Christmas Child.  I'm excited to take them shopping for other kids, and hopefully start teaching them that Christmas lists are fun, but so is Christmas giving.

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