Thursday, October 17, 2013

Ants on a Log

So Curly Girl has been struggling to keep up in school.  The teacher says she acts listless.  Head on her desk, working slow, fairly unanimated (which is NOT Curly Girl at all!).  The teacher was concerned that she wasn't getting enough sleep, or maybe was getting sick.

We did have a big weekend.  So Tuesday night (the day we heard of this), we put all the kids to bed early. We also had a nice chat with Curly Girl.

See, she comes home cranky and grumpy and snappy, until she has a snack.  And then she's absolutely fine.  We haven't noticed anything weird at home.  Only that she tends to fill up on snacks and then doesn't want dinner.  And at school, she openly admits, she doesn't eat her lunch, only the class snack.
We came to the tentative conclusion that maybe she's just too hungry to work, or that her blood sugar is low from lack of good food.

Yesterday was first day of "healthy snacks to keep our daughter's energy level."  Usually, snacks are treats - candy, chips, popcorn, jello, cookies....  It's a snack after all, and we eat our fruits and veggies and grains and all the other good stuff at meals.
But I can't let my bright little girl's school work suffer because of bad eating habits!

So in order to make sure she's getting what she needs, we had ants on a log yesterday (celery, peanut butter, raisins).  Curly Girl's conclusion: I LIKE THESE!!
AND she actually ate the celery! (Unlike our other problem eater, Curly Boy 2, who just licked everything off the celery).

She also had her first dose of homework yesterday because she was so behind.  But that's another post. :/

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