Thursday, August 1, 2013

Home War of the "Mans"

You know.  Superman, Batman, Ironman....

Yesterday we bought Curly Boy his first backpack for school.

We saw one with Ironman, Spiderman, Thor, Hulk, and Captain America on it.  Curly Boy was pretty interested I the Captain America part.
Then we found a CARS backpack, and an Angry Birds backpack.

Then we found them.  The backpacks with 6-pack abs built in - either Superman or Batman.

And I knew it would get dicey.

See, Curly Girl was pushing for the one with Ironman on it.  And Mr. Curly is the biggest Superman fan I know.
And I've been a Batman fan for a long, long time. (I still have a collection of action figures from high school that I can't quite give to the boys yet because I don't want them destroyed!!)

I took the approach of this cartoon I found:
After trying ALL the backpacks on, and thinking about the fact that he would have to carry this backpack for at least two years (maybe more, depending on how beat up it gets, I'm frugal) - Curly Boy went with the Batman.
And I suddenly dreaded going home... especially if Mr. Curly learned his little boy had passed up on Superman!!
Mr. Curly was a great geek parent though.  He ooohed and aaaahhhed over the backpack, told his son it was awesome, and was appropriately impressed.
And Curly Boy is extremely excited to show off his backpack to all the new friends he will make.
(And of course I'm totally proud he chose my "man.")

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