Monday, August 5, 2013

Camping in style...

Last Friday, Curly Boy loaded up his camping vest (a gift from Grandma and Granddad) in preparation for camping with Granddad over our vacation.
Of course, because we were so excited about it, Curly Boy 2 decided he also needed a camping vest.

While I didn't have the budget for an official, I have made vests before.  I also had some D-hooks, a pair of khakis, a measuring tape and imagination!

After about 2 hours of work, this is the final result (and yes, I took this picture before I got all the loose thread pulled off the front, sorry!)

It's a more basic vest than Curly Boy's, but I think the elasti-loops to hold cars was a nice touch.  Makes it more personal to Curly Boy 2, who, of course, didn't want to wear it right away.  But I think he'll come around.

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