Thursday, May 16, 2013

I think I need a bigger basket (for shoes).....

I'm not a huge flip-flop fan.  I used to be.  But sometime around the time I had Curly Girl, I stopped being able to walk in them.  I always felt like I was curling my toes super tight to keep my sandals on.  It just wasn't comfortable.  It was much easier to go barefoot, or put on some real shoes.

But my sandals (which were flip-flop style, but more durable), finally gave out after five years.  And as with everyone, budget is tight, so I had to find something new to wear.

Enter - Pinterest (of course).

Following a pin to makeit-loveit, I created myself some fun new flip flops, that actually stay on my feet!  And it only cost $1.07 and an old t-shirt!!

The Supplies

My t-shirt yarn - made by following this tutorial on Twinkle Twinkle.

The end result! 
I absolutely love how soft and stretchy and squishy these flip-flops are.  I have two other styles on Pinterest I want to try.  And with a Dollar Tree nearby with a great color selection of flip flops, and a closet full of fabric and ribbon.... I just might need a bigger shoe basket in my closet!