Tuesday, April 23, 2013

There's no crying in baseball!

Otherwise entitled: Five Movies that Make Me Cry

Now, Mr. Curly will tell you that I am not romantic, at all.  When choosing movies, I like The Expendables, all the Die Hards, Rocky, and other action adventure movies.  Or comedies, like Get Smart, Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure, and Top Secret!.  And don't forget fun stuff, like Alex & Emma, Music & Lyrics, or Charlie & the Chocolate Factory (see, I do like a few chick flicks - the best might be Someone Like You, wonderful!).

And Mr. Curly will also tell you that I hate things that make me cry.  I don't like to cry in front of people.  I'm not a pretty crier.
But we watched a movie Friday night that made me cry, and then another one was on TV last night that made me cry, so I thought I'd write a blog about it.

Here we go.  Top Five Curly-T is Guaranteed to Cry Movies:
  1. Finding Neverland - Johnny Depp, Kate Winslet - about James Barry's inspiration for Peter Pan.  Beautiful and moving, so sad with a touch of childhood beauty.  I cry for a myriad of reasons - for joy in child's imagination, for the loss of childhood, for love, for loss of love....  It is SO good.  Something I can't watch often, but love every time I do.
  2. Somewhere in Time - Christopher Reeve, Jane Seymour - oh my goodness.  The epitome of tragic romance.  A man meets an old woman, travels back in time to meet her when she's young, gets pulled back to the future (heh heh) and dies from loss of love.  No words for how touching that enduring love is!
  3. Hope Springs - Tommy Lee Jones, Meryl Streep - This is the one we watched Friday night.  If you're married - watch it!  The only word I can think of is poignant.  It was funny, awkward, right on in it's portrayal of marriages, sad, and touching, and had a great ending.  I've always loved Tommy Lee Jones, and Meryl Streep is quickly rising in my book, this was a great great movie about marriage and what true love really is.
  4. Facing the Giants - Alex Kendrick, Shannen Fields - oh gracious.  I can watch this movie no matter what mood I'm in, but generally watch it when I'm down and need encouragement of God's faithfulness and love.  There are several points that make me tear up, but it is all good.  Also falling in at number 4 - Courageous - also with Alex Kendrick - such sadness is truly portrayed here, once again, with, while maybe not a perfect happy ending, a true to life ending.
  5. The Mummy Returns - Brendan Fraiser, Rachel Weisz.  Yep, you read that right, The Mummy Returns makes me cry.  Here's why:
In The Mummy, Imhotep falls in love with Anuksunamoon (the pharaoh's mistress).  He watches her kill herself, and then he is given the worst possible Egyptian curse (mummified and buried alive) for having an affair with her.  Rick & Evie raise Imhotep from the dead.  He tries to use Evie to raise Anuksunamoon from the dead.  Rick stops the ritual, thereby sending Anuk's spirit back to the land of the dead, and then kills Imhotep (got that - Anuk & Imhotep - dead twice now). 
In The Mummy Returns Anuk is reincarnated and brings Imhotep back to life.  Rick & Evie are once again there to stop them.  Rick and Imhotep fall into a pit, about to slip into the Pit of Despair Eternal Suffering.  They both call out to their Loves (Evie & Anuk).  Evie risks her life to run and pull Rick out of the pit.  Imhotep watches this couple that has killed him and his girlfriend once, risk all for each other.  He turns to Anuk for help, but she decides he isn't worth it (this guy who has died twice for her) and turns and runs.  Imhotep FINALLY realizes he made a horrible choice and lets himself fall into the pit.  Before he does though, you see all of his realization on his face.  Anuk doesn't really love him, not the way he loves her, and this couple that keeps bringing him to life, then killing him, does really have true love, something he has never had. 
It is just SO SAD!!!!
I suppose the justice is, Anuk gets hers, being crushed by a huge rock as she tries to escape with her life.

There it is.  I, Curly-T, may not choose movies most girls do.  Mr. Curly says my taste has improved over the past 10 years, but I do have a sad bone in my body. I do cry every once in awhile.  Just not always what others cry at.

Post title from, oh come on, do I really have to say it?  A League of Their Own

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