Monday, April 22, 2013

I'm THAT mom

So, last week, I became THAT mom.
You know, the one with the closet full of "quiet time" activities for her kids.  The (seemingly) organized one?
Yep, THAT one.

It's something I've strived for before, but I think I've always made it too hard. 

Doing this 52 weeks to an organized home thing has really made purging fun - way more fun than actually cleaning.
So last week, I cleaned my craft/coat closet.

 My fabric stash: the two largest piles?  Felt or flannel.  Yep.

My tub of jeans, almost full.  I've made one jean quilt (it was a jean/t-shirt quilt combo), and I've been petitioned for another one that we won't worry about anyone ruining (the t-shirts were Mr. Curly's college football shirts).

This is my tub of clothes to up cycle.  Old dress pants of Mr. Curly to turn into pants for the boys.  Maternity shirts to make into skirts.  Old dress shirts and dresses to cut down.  It's ridiculous.

And here it is all cleaned up.  Before I started, you couldn't tell it was a table there, it was just a mountain, floor to almost hanging bar full of stuff.

The shelf side.  Fabric all organized, ribbon, markers, yarn, so easy to find!

And the kids section.  A tub of quiet time bags.  A basket of paper and rubber band activities.  A sonic drink container holding puff balls, beads, fuzzy sticks, foam, contact paper, mini erasers and paper clips - ART in other words! A McDonald's drink container holding paint brushes, markers, glue and crayons.  A bucket of stickers.  The paint is in an old formula tub, tucked behind the quiet bags to Curly Boy #2 can't get to them.

Since I've already become THAT mom, there might be a post of quiet time activities I have planned for the summer coming up.  Maybe.  I'm not horribly original, but I am proud of myself for making it WAY more simple than I had in the past!

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