Friday, April 12, 2013

In Love With An Historical Figure

If you grew up like me - enthralled with old movies, old books, and history in general, than you won't be surprised to hear this:
I regularly develop crushes on dead guys.

My first HUGE historical crush that has had everlasting effects: Doc Holliday.  Tragic figure.  So romantic.  I won't bore you with all I know about him, and all I imagine about him.  But I do have, in my collection of Gilded Age and Western Historical books, no less than a dozen books that are either exclusively about Dr. J. H. Holliday, or speak about him.

After I saw Gone with the Wind, Rhett Butler was it.  Clark Gable.  *Sigh*

Thankfully, my husband is ok with this.  The guys are dead.  And the crushes are brief.

I developed a new one today.  I was reading Epbot, which led me to mentalfloss, and this post about 31 Disney Villains and Those Who Voiced Them.
And I came across this picture:

Ratigan, from The Great Mouse Detective (a highly underrated film, I must say.  I love it!) and his voice, Vincent Price.

He is just the epitome of old school class and smooth oiliness.  Very similar to Clark Gable.  I think it just is made so much better because Ratigan is one of my favorite villains.  A touch of class, a grasping for higher society, and yet always dragged down by his roots.  He's good.
And Vincent Price looks like he could fill that roll in real life.

Anyway, there's just a bit of goofiness for you.  And warning: appears to be something I could waste a bunch of time in!

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