Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Summer Dreams

So apparently before I was fully awake yesterday, I asked Mr. Curly if he was going to mow the lawn.  At that moment, it was 15 degrees and snowing outside.

My family made a snowman on Monday (complete with pipe!), we've gone sledding, we've watched snowfall.... I am SO done with winter!!

For supper last night I made southern style chicken sandwiches and fries, lemonade, and sent Mr. Curly to the store for baked beans and cottage cheese!

If there was ever a time I wished my anniversary were in the winter, this would be it.  Then at least I could look forward to a vacation away.  But no, instead, I have to deal with blowing snow and cold temperatures just like everyone else.  I know, I'm not the only one tired of it.

But Easter is coming, and I have me some Easter outfit sewing to do.  And my sewing machine no longer faces a window, so maybe I can make some spring-y clothes and dream of warm weather and flowers.

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