Friday, February 8, 2013

Weighty stuff

Blech.  I weighed myself on our Wii yesterday.  Something I haven't done since May 2012.

And in the past 10 months, I've gained 10 pounds.  TEN!!!  That is NOT what I was going for.

So, starting next week (in order to really get my mind around it), I'm giving up my snacks.

See, I have a snack EVERY afternoon while my boys are napping.  I rush through lunch because we have to get Curly Girl to school, and I don't really taste my lunch.  So once I get her to school, do preschool with Curly Boy, and get both boys down for naps, I want to eat.  I want to TASTE something.

And I never pick a healthy snack.  I mean, come on, who does, really?

And then, supper comes.  And we spend most of supper convincing our kids to eat, to keep their silverware off the floor, to move their milk cups back, we try to squeeze in some family talk. 

And I get the kids to bed and I do dishes, and I realize, I want to TASTE something.  I was so focused on everything else during supper there are nights that I can barely remember what we had - and I cooked it!
So I snack.

And I'm sure those 2 snacks a day are where the weight is coming from.  I mean, I work out, but not THAT much.

So next Monday, February 11, I'm giving up ALL afternoon snacking and MOST bedtime snacking.  Because, honestly, there are nights when Mr. Curly and I really just need to sit down with some ice cream and relax.  But we don't need to do it EVERY night.

I think, between keeping up my workouts (I attempt to run 3 miles 3 times a week, and I've added some cardio/muscle toning twice a week), and quitting the snacking, I should be able to lose that 10 lbs. fairly quickly.
And if I don't lose it (I am getting old after all), at least I will have healthier eating habits for when I get even older.

Let's hope it works!

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