Monday, February 25, 2013

Trading Spaces: They Hated It

Despite the title, this is not about decorating (that post is tomorrow).  But I did a project with my kids last week that they were just disgusted with, and it made me think of all those great Trading Spaces shows where the people were WAY excited to begin, and at the end.... not so much.

The project: Paper mache' banks.

My kids have been BEGGING me for piggy banks.  Curly Girl has a little silver one, they both had (and destroyed) those Tootsie Roll banks, and they just can't believe I haven't bought them any  more banks to destroy by dumping their pennies out on the floor over and over and over.

When I took Curly Girl to the Art Center, she saw Paper Mache' art for the first time, and thought it would be fun to try.
It was "P" week for Curly Boy - so what better than to focus on paper! (We did several fun things with different types of paper, this one is the best story).

So I cut up 2 ginger ale 20 oz. bottles, mixed up some flour and water, tore up some newspaper.  And we got to work.

My kids were absolutely disgusted.  They thought the goop was slimy, the newspaper got too wet, the bottles felt weird.... every textile thing they could complain about, they did.  This from children who will gladly make mud pies for hours, splash in puddles, eat ranch dip with their hands..... It's ridiculous.

So I made two paper mache' banks. 
They painted them:

And here are the results - awaiting their pennies!

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