Thursday, February 21, 2013

Potty Training?!

Curly Baby has decided he wants to potty train.

And while I love our prefolds and wool covers, they inhibit his independence when trying to get to a potty all by himself.

We can't to AIO (all-in-ones) because, well, because 1) I refuse to buy  new diapers for potty training, but more importantly is 2) Curly Baby's skin does not get along well with PUL.
And I don't want to spend money on pull-ups, since his desire to potty train hits a bump anytime he's in disposables.

But I do have lots of prefolds, lots and lots.  And a good friend let me have her leftover PUL when I helped her make training underpants for her girls and nieces and nephews.
With this, and some pinterest research, I came up with my own little diaper-trainer of sorts.  I'm calling it the Curly Special.

This is a prefold, cut into a contour shape.  I suppose it is rather like a fitted, because there isn't really a way to adjust it, and there is no elastic.  I added some velcro on either side, but you can just pull it up and down.  I put PUL down the soaker area.  As you can see, it does not go all the way up in the back, so that it doesn't touch his skin there.  And then I lined the edges with cut up wool covers that weren't our favorites.  This allows PUL to go all the way up the front and to the edges of the legs, but doesn't allow the PUL to touch his skin.  The wool "bias tape" basically acts as a wool cover would, keeping any moisture in the diaper, and not on the clothes.

And here it is in action.  He LOVES the owl print, asks for it, as well as the monkey one.  I'm hoping this love can translate into "you can wear it longer if you keep it clean!"

And just for those who wonder, since he isn't yet 2, this is completely child-led.  In fact, I fought it for 2 months before bringing the trainer potty down from the attic.  This boy is ready to go!

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