Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Don't Let Down Your Hair!!!

For her birthday, we bought Curly Girl a little 3 inch Rapunzel doll.  She LOVES Rapunzel, and this was the perfect size for her doll house and other mini-princesses.

Cute little Rapunzel came with 2 dresses, flowers, a crown, and beautifully braided hair.

And then Curly Girl was given "Tangled" for Christmas, and the next thing I know, Rapunzel's hair looks like this:

So then, following a pin (which said to add fabric softener to the water and then comb) I used this site which offered hope for frizzy doll hair.

So Rapunzel got in her little hot tub.

And then we brushed her hair.
 MUCH better.  I think I'll secretly braid it tonight while Curly Girl is sleeping.  And hope she doesn't take the braid out again!  Even though this was easy, I spend enough time combing out long curly hair on my daughter, I don't need to do it for a toy too!

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