Tuesday, December 11, 2012

You'll Shoot Your Eye Out, Kid!

Mr. Curly and I had a choice to make.  Would this be Curly Boy's Red Ryder Christmas?  Or his Weenie Whistle Christmas? (And if you don't know what I'm talking about, you need to watch "The Christmas Story" and "The Santa Clause" with Tim Allen.  And if you can't watch those -then let me know and I'll do a post about them.).

Since September, Curly Boy has been asking for a monster truck. A big one, with buttons.  The expensive one.
We put it on his list, but also explained that you don't always get everything you ask for (his list was extensive and expensive.  Already.  He's only three!).

And we were content with him NOT getting a monster truck.  We thought, we'll get him the 4 gifts (you know - one thing you want, one thing you need, one thing you wear, one thing you read) plus a homemade gift and stocking stuffers.  We already bought him his want - a pretend shotgun with little shells and noises that looks just like Daddy's. 
We thought we could get him the Monster Truck for his birthday in April.  We thought that.

Until Sunday  night.

Sunday night we went to the Pioneer Village - a free Christmas Village with cookies, popcorn, Christmas trees, lights, music, a living nativity, and Santa Claus.  It was probably only 15 degrees with a bitter wind, so no living nativity.  But we got there just shortly after it opened and went to stand in line for Santa right away.

At first, Curly Boy wasn't going to sit on Santa's lap.  Wasn't even going to stand next to him. Wasn't going to talk to him.
The minute Curly Girl hopped up and started chatting though, he changed his mind.

And we had a great Santa.  He talked to the kids about being nice to each other and helping mommy and daddy.  He exclaimed over how big they were getting.  And then, right before they left, he asked what they wanted for Christmas.  Curly Girl wants a purple pony (I have no idea where this came from, she had not asked for one before, and has already recieved a blue unicorn My Little Pony from her aunt) and Curly Boy wants a Monster Truck, with Buttons, a Big One.
Santa said ok, handed them their bag of candy and sent them on their way.

And Curly Boy started to cry.  He thought because he got his picture taken, because he told Santa what he wanted, that he would be getting a monster truck THAT NIGHT.  He was looking for the magic Santa bag that always has the perfect gift in it.

That's when Mr. Curly and I had to decide.  Do we buy the monster truck, blowing the four gifts and the budget out of the water?  Or do we let our son cry on Christmas day because he didn't get the ONE thing he really wanted?

The F-150 Harley Davidson 1:14 scale RC Monster Truck
will be here on Friday.

Merry Christmas!

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