Thursday, December 13, 2012

An Apple A Day....

I don't really experiment in the kitchen.  I try new recipes, but I don't CHANGE those recipes.

At least, that USED to be true.

It really isn't as ground breaking as I'd like it to be, but still, I had to guess on the baking time, but it was delicious.  Apple pie goodness without all the excess crust, just yummy fruit crisp topping.

I put my crust into a cake pan (because I really don't have a pie plate, and, well, this wasn't a true pie), and then filled that with apples prepared for an apple pie.

Then I jumped back to 'desserts' in my Better Homes and Gardens cookbook and created the crisp topping.

I ended up having to bake it for an hour at 375, which scared me for my crust, and the apples never bubbled up in the middle.  However, it tastes WONDERFUL.

So now, Mr. Curly can get his pie, and I can have my crisp, and everybody is happy. 

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