Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Ruined in such a good way

So I had this big grand idea that my kids were only going to receive 4 bought gifts this year, plus stocking stuffers, and maybe a few homemade things.
I even got the grandparents in on the deal.

THIS Christmas we were going to teach our kids that Christmas was about JESUS, and NOT about all the gifts.

And then, because of His Great Love, God filled our tree with gifts and our kitchen with food.

The Nazarene church does a wonderful thing.  Within a district (group of churches) a larger church will adopt a smaller church.  The larger church will hold a food pounding, maybe take a special offering, and just do a little treat for the pastor and his family of the smaller church.

Notice I said "little treat."

This year our church was adopted by a larger church, who LAVISHED us.  They didn't just get us a few little things and say Merry Christmas, they went all out.

So now my tree is full of gifts for my children, when I only wanted them to open 4-5 on Christmas day.
Silly me.

It is teaching me such humbleness.  I am so thrilled by how amazing our Christmas morning is going to be for three certain Curly Kids.
And I'm so saddened, because I know families who are in greater need than us, who are farther from family than us....

So I am learning humbleness, realizing that this time, God is using His great blessings to teach me a lesson.

And we're also giving - because we have been given much, we too are giving. We are sharing the blessing as much as possible.  That's a lesson my kids need to learn too.

"Remember Christ our Savior was born on Christmas day.... O tidings of comfort and joy, comfort and joy!  O tidings of comfort and joy!


Rachel said...

I wouldn't say ruined. Kids can still learn that Christmas is all about Jesus...even with a tree filled with presents. Likewise, they could totally miss the point that Christmas is all about Jesus even if there were NO presents under the tree. It's not about the number of presents, but the condition of the heart that receives them. So yeah, not fact, getting to see people bless them in such a tangible way is SUCH an opportunity to teach about God's goodness and how he cares for us.

Curly-T said...

Yes, but what I failed to mention was WHY I was so insistent we don't get a lot this year -
Last year, every single house my kids walked in to, they asked where their gifts were. After a week of being given gifts EVERY SINGLE DAY by family, they came to expect everyone would have a gift for them.
It was awful, and embarrassing, and I (and Mr. Curly) were determined not to let that happen again.

But as I said, I'm extremely humbled by the love shown us, and the generosity of a congregation of people we don't even know.

Anonymous said...

That group of people have been blessed as well. When we give out of the goodness of our heart, and not because we have to, it works both ways. (the blessing) It also is good to know that there are still a group of churches and christians who want to do the very thing God asks us to do, to take care of those in need. Your kids will do fine, it is definitely a teaching moment. And as far as the grandparents being in on the deal, oops, I think we might have messed up:)