Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Family Table

I realized that in July I promised you a blog about my new dining room table and I still haven't written it!  Another sign of aging....


Old Table - This was my great-grandma's kitchen table that my parents took when she had to move to a nursing home.  They gave it to Mr. Curly and I when we got married.  It's a beautiful table, so 1950s vintage, with brown vinyl covered chairs (but they're pretty ripped up).  It has served us well, and I'm kind of sad that it is down in our basement right now instead of being used.

Beautiful vintage Formica top - see the chip - HISTORY

I do truly love the legs on this table - and those are the original chairs back there, just recovered for a little more class.

New Table - provided by my in-laws - they found it for a great deal at an estate sale and couldn't use it, so we loaded it up and brought it home.
Drop leaf sides.  Makes this perfect for breakfasts with just Mr. Curly and I - pop them up and the Curly Kids join us.

FOUR leaves are stored in our closet.  We can expand this enough to fit 20(plus) people (and I can do it all on my own - the craftsmanship is remarkable and it moves SO easy!)

And aren't those legs beautiful?  LOVE the claw feet.
Of course, we have no chairs to match.  And I'm using shelf liner cut as place mats to protect the wood from heat and little kid spills, but I love it.  I love that it works for a romantic dinner for two, or can fit my parents, my parent-in-laws, my brother and sis-in-law and kids and my other sis-in-law all around it at the same time.
The wood also matches amazingly with the woodwork in our 1912 home.  I just love old things.  We'll continue saving to find the perfect chair - I'm planning a big flea market day - I'm just not sure when it will happen!

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