Thursday, August 30, 2012

The case of the missing P....

Mr. Curly and I have been watching BBC's Sherlock lately (borrowing it from the library), and I've been reading the original Sherlock Holmes stories.  So it is no wonder I think of everything as a mystery.

At 12:15 Wednesday morning, Curly Boy came into my room and asked for help with his pull-up.  Being awakened from a rather deep sleep, I was a little slow to figure out what was happening.  Then I figured he had probably gone to the bathroom all by himself (which would be a first in the middle of the night) and had had problems getting his pull-up up right.  But when I reached to fix his pull-up and pants, there was nothing there.
"Where's your pull-up, bugaboo?"
"In my  hand."

So I help him into his pull-up and ask him where his pants are.  He says he has to put on his underwear first, and goes running to his room.  I follow him, thinking I'll help him get dressed and back into bed.  He instantly climbs into his bed (they now have bunk beds).
"Why was your pull up off?"
"I had to go potty."

And with that, he laid down, covered himself up and went to sleep.
I went and checked the bathroom - there were no signs that he had been in there.  In fact, his potty seat was exactly where I had put it when I showered before bed.
I went back to bed and was just about to sleep when I thought "If he didn't pee in the bathroom, where DID he pee?  And where are his pants?"

I tossed and turned about that one for awhile, concerned that I might find a puddle drying into my couch in the morning.
I just couldn't figure out how he had gotten half naked in the middle of the night and had made it to me for help.
He must have been sleep walking - but that didn't solve the mystery of the missing pee or missing pants.

In the morning, we found his pants on his dry bed.  We found no puddles.

I do believe not even Sherlock Holmes himself could solve this one.

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