Tuesday, May 1, 2012

And we were singing.....

Soooo, I've started playing the piano at church.  After 8 years of lessons, and, um, well, 8 years of saying "I don't do worship team stuff" I'm a piano player!

I'm also helping choose the songs we sing each Sunday.

These are jobs where we needed somebody to fill in - where our beautiful pianist and husband had been doing our worship for many years and need time to simply enjoy worship rather than lead it, and so, here I am.  Now that Curly Baby is over a year, he can easily set with someone else during the worship time, Curly Boy likes to sit in the front row and watch me, and Curly Girl sits by herself in our pew coloring.
It's kind of awesome.

But now I feel this HUGE responsibility to give us a deep, meaningful worship time - to teach and encourage, to uplift and console.... it must be how Mr. Curly feels each Sunday morning when he steps up to preach.

I recently started reading a new blog, To Love, Honor and Vacuum, that I love, and she just posted this article yesterday about worship.  It will definitely be something I keep in mind.

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