Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Spring sprung a color chip leak

I have never thought of a house as dark until we moved to IA.  To be fair, we moved from a huge, airy, ginormous windows everywhere house, to a very  nice, normal house, hemmed in on all sides by buildings blocking any morning sun, or afternoon sun, or evening sun to come in.

Which is why, when spring came and Mr. Curly and I started contemplating which room(s?) to paint, I went a little springy in the color department.

My throw cushions in the living room, look like this.  They sit on a light tan chair, a dark leather recliner, and a plushy sage green microfiber couch.

So, for the living room I chose:
(Tropical Surf, Almost Aqua, Lemon Ice, Soothing Green Tea and Celery Sticks) 

Almost Aqua was my choice last summer (we have kind of a gray-ish, maybe hint of blue carpet, and mahogany natural woodwork), but now.... now celery sticks is really gaining my attention.

For the dining room, which I bought these (I have 2 though only one is pictured here, sitting on the chair covers my mother made me) sunflower plaques.  I bought these almost 3 years ago, and have never hung them up, because first the dining room in SD was waiting to be painted, and then it was painted, but the house was for sale, and now the dining room is waiting to be painted again.

You would think the colors would have to do with flowers, considering the inspiration, but no, it is lemon ice and pineapple upside down cake.

The kitchen is where Mr. Curly REALLY disagrees with me.  He wants bronze and tans and burgundies and wrought iron and a nice little coffee shop feel (which I think is nice, and would work in an eat-in kitchen, but we don't have an eat-in kitchen).  The colors I chose? Granny Smith Apple, Fresh Pineapple, Refreshing Mimosa and Homemade butterscotch.
 I think the apple and butterscotch would be the best together, but there is something just super fun about a yellow and orange kitchen, don't you think?  Or maybe its just because the white paint is chipping off the brick wall board and the wallpaper and border is peeling off the walls in various places that makes me want to do something crazy.

And why is that all my favorite colors are named after foods?  Except the blues.... there aren't many blue foods.

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