Thursday, April 5, 2012

One day you're in, the next day you're out.....

I've mentioned in passing before that Mr. Curly feels like I give myself Project Runway challenges way too often.

And sometimes, yeah, I stress out instead of just spending the money on a pattern, or the new shirt, or whatever.
But sometimes, sometimes that challenge comes from my four year old Curly Girl who desperately wants a fuzzy soft pink tutu for her Easter dress and we can't find a good pattern anywhere.

Armed with 1/2 yard of hot pink knit, 1/2 yard of pale pink tulle, hot pink thread, some elastic and the instructions "soft pink tuttu easter dress", I created this:

I used one of Curly Girl's t-shirts as a pattern for the top and merely cut out two t-shirt shaped (sleeves and everything) pieces of knit, then sewed them together!  The underskirt is three tiers of knit, as 1/2 a yard wasn't actually enough to create a full dress (surprise surprise).

The tulle overskirt is actually a separate piece.  I sewed a strip of knit over the top of the tulle to create a casing for the elastic. For the first time ever, it gathered perfectly!  It also has a light pink thread going through it about half way down to gather it in - otherwise the fullness of the tulle looked really odd with the underskirt.

Using the "Instant Gratification Top" from I created a flowered-y type neckline.  And then used her pattern for a retro-turban to create a matching headband out of some knit scraps.

It's a little funky, but I'm completely in love with knit.  I didn't have to do one single hem!  And Curly Girl loves it and can't wait for Easter morning.  So..... the winner of the competition - Curly-T!

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Anonymous said...

Love it! The top and retro headband are great!