Friday, April 6, 2012

Da Bears

Curly Boy was insistent that he have a Chicago Bears shirt for Easter.  Mr. Curly just happened to have a Bears blue polo that he was no longer wearing (it had a previous church's logo on it), so it was recycled into a new little Easter polo.  Curly Baby also has a new Easter polo, this one made from an old green polo of Mr. Curly's.

I cut the shirt pieces from the bottom of the shirts, so I didn't have to do any hemming.  I also re-used the collars and sleeves.  I won't point out the mistakes I made.

I then took an old pair of dress pants that Mr. Curly no longer wears and created two little pairs of pants using a pattern I found at Dana-Made-It.  Curly Boy's have a smaller waist, but longer legs than Curly Baby's. 

And yes, in the first picture, the pants on the left do seem to have legs of two different lengths.  And they are - just not as much as the picture makes it look like.  Honestly, once they're on, you can't even tell.

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