Sunday, March 4, 2012

One year....

No, not Curly Baby's birthday quite yet!

Today we celebrate the one year anniversary of moving to our new church in Iowa.

One year ago yesterday, I was cleaning out my desk, filing away the last paper, leaving notes for whoever would follow me, as I left my position as Program Assistant at the college I had worked at for just a little over a year.  I was leaving the official workforce to become a stay at home mom to (soon) 3 kids. 

One year ago today, we struggled through getting our rental truck, loaded up MOST of our possessions (I don't want to admit how many we left behind and had to go back for), trusted God would take care of the house-sale, and headed south.

Thankfully, because we had been commuting on weekends for 6 months, we had food, furniture and beds already at our new home.  Thankfully, because we knew people in town already, we were able to merely park the truck and sleep, knowing that the next day we'd have plenty of help in unloading our multitude of things.

Over the past year we've done the following things we had never done before:
Added to our family - Curly Baby arrived
Lost from our family - we lost our cat
Settled in as the new pastor family at our first established church
Joined local ministries and organizations outside our local church
Celebrated Ice Cream Days, watched a Christmas Light Parade
Sent Mr. Curly on week away to rest and relax and plan for the year ahead
Sent me to Vegas with my best friend
Built a fence
Added a swing set to our yard
Went to the Henry Dorley Zoo
It's amazing how that list sounds so normal, but has brought so many changes to our family.
We feel incredibly blessed to be here and can't wait to see what the next year brings!

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