Tuesday, March 6, 2012

But what will I wear?

I can't believe I ever thought my boys had no clothes.  This photo shows 0-9 months, what I'm getting rid of.
I gave the 6-9 and 9 month clothes to a friend.  I'm selling off the 0-6 months.  I made a list yesterday of everything I have for sale.  Want to see it?

In sizes ranging from 0-6 months I have:
9 white onsies
60 onsies
23 pairs of pants
20 pairs of pajamas
9 outfits (could be onsie and pants, 2 onsies and pants, jackets with matching pants....)
3 sleep sacks
1 halloween costume
1 sweater
11 bibs
7 hats
26 pairs of socks (might be more like 30, I found some others that were hiding)

Isn't that crazy?  For one child for 6 months I had 60 shirts!  Now, I know Curly Boy got a LOT of clothes donated to him, and we reused all of those for Curly Baby.  But Curly Baby was bigger than Curly Boy, which meant we had to buy a few things in the beginning to make it through spring into summer.  Still, it just baffled me to count it all out.

To those who bought my kids clothes because I kept saying they had none - I am so sorry.  You definitely deserve a cut of the profit!

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