Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The chickens are up to something.

We make no secret of our love for Alton Brown in this household.  Lots of new recipes I try I discover by watching reruns of Good Eats.

Mr. Curly found a new way to cook a turkey that is phenomenal, and he tried it on a whole chicken that I bought for .60/lb a couple of weeks ago.

For $4 we had the BEST roasted chicken I've ever had in my entire life! 
And a couple of days later, we had Huntington Chicken (a casserole that reminds me of my childhood, pure comfort food to me). 
A couple days after that we had homemade chicken and noodles.  Mr. Curly boiled the chicken bones to make broth and I used that to cook my homemade noodles.  It was AMAZING.

I have enough chicken leftover for another soup or casserole, and plenty of broth to make my potato soup, and a vegetable soup if I wanted.

Plus, we have another chicken in the freezer.  I can't wait for Mr. Curly to roast it up!

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