Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Try, trying again....

I've briefly mentioned wanting to write.  I participated in National Novel Writing month.  While it pushed me to get further with my novel idea than I had before, I didn't finish.  In fact, I just realized that I had three stories in one, and none of them were that interesting.

It wasn't a total loss though - I was introduced to Yarny, which I now use for all my writing.

And so, I'm trying again a book idea I had back when Curly Girl was born.  I've kicked around this idea for 4.5 years.  I have a little bit done, a little bit outlined, and a whole lot of where I want it to go running loose in my brain.

Considering the fact that I thought it would be a one day project to turn my coat closet into a crafting closet and its been a week and still not done, considering that my scrapbooks are four years behind, that my kids need Easter outfits made and I might be playing the piano in a wedding soon, I'm not certain this book will make it anywhere in the next 4 months.

But you never know until you try.

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