Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The best part of waking up....

I know the jingle says Folgers is the best part of waking up.  The last few mornings, even though I am NOT a coffee drinker, I've been tempted to try it out and see if I agree.
Despite the nice weather and being outside more in January than I think we ever have in their short lives, there are still days when my kids and their energy get the best of me.

So here is what my kids have been up to....

Building snow forts with Mr. Curly.  Curly Boy destroyed the first one, first by falling into it face first, second by yelling "hammer!" and karate chopping it to the ground.

Curly Girl's drawing of her family (she is the one in red).  This may not seem like an exhausting activity, but when she is by the front door, and I'm in the back of the house cooking, and I have to run and see every single feature as she finishes it.... Yes, I'll admit, I'm human, and my patience is tested.  Because if I don't run immediately, leaving whatever is on the stove alone so that I can exclaim over the picture (and I really do believe she is an awesome artist), we have tears and tantrums that are also draining.

Curly Baby (those curls will come.... won't they?) has discovered how to dump toy boxes (and laundry baskets, and diaper bags....).

This is a shot of behind our couch after Curly Boy 'helped' me clean the living room.  Yes, the living room looked clean, and we had plenty of room to dance, but it was interesting for the next few days looking for some of our toys.

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