Friday, December 9, 2011

I never wrecked one on purpose before

Last Saturday was THE MOST PERFECT WINTER DAY (and yes, all caps are needed) - at least to Mr. Curly and I.  (Mr. Curly was grinning like a little boy all day, I love him so much!)

A little before noon it started snowing.  Huge white fluffy, packable, snow flakes.
So after lunch, the Curly Crew headed outside.

Probably from watching ELF, but maybe she remembered from last year, Curly Girl instantly started making snowballs and throwing them at me.  So, despite the fact that they were wearing thin cotton gloves, and not their thick waterproof snow gloves, we had a mini snowball fight.  She's got a good arm.

After that, we attended our Church Decorating Party.  Mr. Curly put lights up on the outside of the church (on a ladder, in the snow, that's my man), while I helped put up two trees, string lights, and the Curly Kids hung ornaments.  We also hung up wreaths and put up a mini nativity on the piano.  The church looks awesome.

And THEN (but wait, yes there's more!) we attended a Christmas light parade!  Living on the busy boulevard we do, which is always used to line up the parade floats, we thought we'd be able to watch this from our porch, but no, they lined up too far away.  So, horribly dressed for trucking through snow (the kids were in light fleece pants, I didn't have gloves or a scarf), we threw a sleeping bag and the boys into the wagon and trucked ourselves down to Central to watch the parade (while it was still snowing).

Not long after this shot was taken, Curly Boy wanted out of the wagon and Curly Girl wanted to be closer.  So we moved on down to the street, settled between two parked cars of people watching the parade, and covered Curly Baby up with the sleeping bag.
A little while later, Curly Boy was back in the wago, snuggled up with Curly Baby on his lap, nice and warm, while Curly Girl yelled MERRY CRIBMAS at each float, hoping for more candy canes and popcorn!

It's hard to take pictures of moving Christmas lights!  This is Santa in a helicopter, the music playing something about Santa in a whirly-bird.  The helicopter rotated around and seriously looked like those shots of helicopters crashing down.  (Hence the post title from The Last Castle in which Mark Ruffalo wrecks a 'copter on purpose and walks away only slightly shaken.)

And then, when the last few floats were turning the corner, we trudged home through the snow, grateful for big wheels on the wagon, while Curly Girl told us that "Little toes and little fingers are FREEZING, we need hot chocolate."  Which sounded good to us, so after a supper of pancakes and popcorn, we had hot chocolate.

What a beautiful day.

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That corgi :) said...

It does sound like a beautiful day! Lots of wonderful memories being made for you and your little ones!