Wednesday, November 30, 2011

You're my inspiration.....

No, this is not a blog about pinterest.... I'm still internally debating about that service.

This is about my brother and sister-in-law.  You can read my sister-in-law's blog here.

For Christmas, she gave my two oldest Curly Kids travel trays.  They are metal baking sheets with laminated scrapbook paper on them.  She included a dry erase marker, a flannel eraser, and two wooden magnets.
From that, I decided to give Curly Boy action figures found at Toy-A-Day for Christmas, and Curly Girl will recieve a set of paper dolls found at Babalisme.

And I also need to buy a laminator.

My brother made Curly Boy a repositionable fabric roadway for his race cars... and now I want to create a bag for those as well.  It was amazing how quiet he was with his cars when I pulled out that road on Sunday at church!

I am so impressed with their creativity.  I know Mr. Curly is as well, but I can see his mental calculator ticking as I add homemade gift after homemade gift to our Christmas list.  I suppose I'll have to edit myself a bit.

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