Monday, October 31, 2011

Trick Or Treat!

I realized last night my kids had nothing to put their trick-or-treat candy into!  Considering how cute their costumes are, walmart bags were just not going to cut it.  And I definitely wasn't going to go buy happy meals for the McDonalds buckets (though they are super cute).

So, after digging through my fabric supply and consulting with the kids, I made these:

Curly Girl wanted a face more like what she draws, or as Mr. Curly called it "Rather clowny."  Curly Boy went more for the goofy monster look.
Either way - about 45 minutes of hand-stitching the faces on and 10 minutes of sewing, and we have trick or treat bags, for this year at least.  Next year I'm thinking draw-string pumpkins....

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