Thursday, September 8, 2011

I have a friend who is counting down.....

I have a friend who starts his Christmas countdown in August. You can read his bloggy stuff here.

But his countdown on Facebook has made me start thinking about Christmas gifts. I'm trying to do a whole bunch of homemade things again this year for 2 reasons 1) cost, 2) My skills have grown a bit this past year and I am more confident in my ability to give nice things!

So once again, Jane Avion's blog came to mind. Last year I made Curly Boy a pig from her blog (see it here). Now I'm eyeing her frog and bunny and wondering who needs those to add to their collection.
She also has aprons and pincushions and, well, I'll just be honest - I want to make every project she posted!

I do know one thing - Curly Girl is getting a dollhouse this year. With clothespin people. I saw this idea last year, but way to late to get it done. and have great pictures and instructions on how to do this yourself. I'm going to take bits and pieces from everywhere, get Mr. Curly in on the project, and hopefully come up with something amazing.

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