Monday, August 15, 2011

She said mysteriously as the elevator door closed....

I feel like my blog has been very teachy lately, very here's what I'm doing to organize my life. A little too much of that and not enough aren't my kids the cutest, isn't my husband the greatest, don't you just love summer?

The other night I made Mr. Curly get out of the recliner and come outside just to listen to cicadas and watch the fireflys with me. We talked about cicada memories - like the one summer we had TONS of them and my brother and I collected their shells off our treehouse tree every morning and kept them in our wagon.
Mr. Curly remembered listening to them in OK on family reunion trips - he said they sang ALL DAY there (as they do here), but I only remember them in the evenings from when I was growing up.

Thursday night it started raining and rained ALL night. At 8:30 in the morning, it was still raining and yet the cicacdas were singing.

Why is that tree cricket sound so great?

I read an awesome blog about summer. My friend Libby posted it here. Check her out. She's much more of an author in her blog than I am!

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Libby Marie said...

Awe. Thanks for linking my blog and for the kind things. So sweet.