Friday, July 22, 2011

Vinyl isn't really all that great....

Now I'm not dissing the vinyl record loving community out there with that title. No, I'm taking on a whole different art: sewing.

Based on this tutorial, and reading several blogs that say you can make your own wet/dry dirty diaper bag, I decided to attempt it.

I bought 1/2 yard of blue material to match the boys's curtains and crib canopy and 1/2 yard of cover-your-tablecloth-or-couch vinyl.

The tutorial was great. The one problem is I kind of skipped the part where it says you have to leave a hole in order to turn your bag right-side out. So, after some seam ripping, we got the bag together.

The vinyl STINKS. Actually STICKS is a better description. It sticks to itself so bad it makes every turn annoying. And you have to use the paper backing in order to sew it, or else it sticks to your sewing machine.

However, it only took me about 30 minutes. It isn't pretty, the ribbon isn't attached like it should be, but it will hold about 2-3 days of dirty diapers, and that is what I needed.

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