Friday, June 10, 2011

Never mind about sending any clothes....

Wednesday I made myself the first pair of cut-off shorts I think I've had since high school. And I made them out of maternity jeans.

Yes, yes I did. Because they fit well, even if they are maternity jeans, because they don't have the belly panel (which I despise), because they are just for around the house anyway, and because I won't be having any more babies, I turned my last pair of maternity jeans into shorts.

The Curly Kids had fun for awhile with the cut-off legs....

And then I made a pair of shorts for Curly Boy.

I also have planned a skirt or two for Curly Girl out of maternity shirts and a skirt for myself from an old maternity dress.

Hopefully I can be creative enough this summer with old clothes that we can stretch the clothing budget!

Post title from My Fair Lady

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