Monday, May 16, 2011

Sharing every little thing....

First a big THANK YOU to my sis-in-law, Mrs. B. She has given me the courage, and all the knowledge, to try cloth diapers with Curly Baby!

Now, her way is the more (new*) traditional way of cloth diapering, and I will say, much MUCH easier than what I'm attempting. But she also plans on using her cloth diapers for many more kids. I'm going more artsy-fartsy (read: Cheapo) and making my cloth diapers out of old towels and t-shirts. When you have a huge box of defunct organization t-shirts, you gotta do something, right?

Anyway, if it weren't for her, we would be spending a TON of money a week to diaper both our boys!
Pictures of my cloth diapers coming soon!

Second - a huge THANK YOU to my sis-in-law on Mr. Curly's side for all she does for my Curly kids. She arranged their first Easter egg hunt, she restored a Barbie jeep to be useful for all three kids, and every time she is around she takes the kids off my hands!!

Plus, I'm pretty sure she somehow passed on her artistic genes and for that I am very very grateful!

So, yeah, I have stinkin' awesome sisters, and they deserve some praise!

*My mom calls it new, because you can buy all in one's, or cloth and covers, or flats and pre-folds and covers..... All SHE ever had was flats or prefolds and plastic pants! It's really quite fun to talk to her about.

Post Title from the White Christmas soundtrack, "Sisters."

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