Thursday, March 3, 2011

Today, Tomorrow

Today is my last day of work!
Today is the day we are to use no dishes so I can finish packing my kitchen.
We'll see how it goes.

Tomorrow is our moving day. Our load up the truck, drive it down, unload the truck and then collapse in front of the TV day. I've been warned by multiple people multiple times not to move anything, not to lift anything. I understand the concern, but it is not my personality to sit by and watch people work when so much needs to be done!

Now, I will be watching the Curly Kids, so that will keep me from getting a lot of what I want to help with done, but there is no way I won't be carrying a box or two myself.

After tomorrow, there may be a brief hiatus from the blog as I meet my new doctor, set up my new house and get everything going. And I mean very brief, I'm as addicted to writing my blog as I am to reading the list of blogs I follow.

So, if you see no more posts from me, check out the list on the right. There is some great reading there, or check out all frizzy things marked "sites I love." There are great blogs there too!

Or you can read the Darth & Droids comics.

Or write some hint fiction.

OR, and I just found this new one, challenge your writing skills at They list a creative writing assignment each day.

Or, I guess you could always just play sudoku.

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