Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Obsession, You're my obsession....

Mr. Curly has a new obsession. Ok, so he says "hobby." And, since I spend a lot of time trolling for new craft projects, I can't really give him too hard of time for all the time he spends trolling for information about this new hobby.

The hobby?

Straight razor shaving.

Yep, shaving.

A couple of weeks ago, he received these in the mail from his dad:

These are straight razors owned first by his great-great grandfather, then his great-grandfather, and finally, used by his grandpa to learn to shave. His father received them when his grandpa's last remaining sister passed away and the house was cleaned out.

So, yeah, he's gone from safety-razor guy, to straight razor guy. And while the start up costs are kind of crazy (he had to buy a leather and canvas strop, then honing stones, then send these razors away to be professionally honed because you don't want to ruin a family heirloom, and he bought a "practice" straight razor), we figure we're saving about $180 a year on razor blades.

See, Mr. Curly has a manly, thick beard. Because of this, he has to change his razor cartridge about every 5 days. That is 4-5 blades a month, and we all know razor blades aren't cheap!

And honestly, I can't complain. In high school, one of my favorite books had a character who used a straight razor. I always loved that character and patterned many of my little stories after him, so why would I be upset that my husband now gets to do the same manly thing?

My only worry? He wants to teach Curly Boy how to use these when he has to start shaving. 1) I don't want to think of Curly Boy as old enough to shave. 2) I don't want to think of Curly Boy holding an unprotected blade to his neck!

Still, the shaving soap and brush I bought Mr. Curly for Valentine's day do make him smell good, the shaves are nice and clean, his neck doesn't get all beat up.... and he finally has a hobby cheaper than car restoration.

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