Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Are you a doctor?

Answer: I am today.

Actually, I'm not a doctor. But I did get to meet my new doctor!
Last Monday I had my 34 week check up. I took the whole family to meet our new doctor here in IA. He is wonderful! He let Curly Girl hold the speaker to the heartbeat monitor when we listened to Curly Baby's heartbeat, and was very understanding about Curly Boy's fussiness (it had been a long morning). He even said his wife could watch our kids while we were in the hospital with Curly Baby if we needed it!

The only slightly scary thing was according to all dating, I'm 34 weeks along, and he measured my stomach at a 36! I was right on with Curly Girl measurements, and per the early ultrasound with Curly Boy I measured a 38 weeks along the night he was born. So am I just bigger because I eat ice cream every night (seriously, every night), or am I farther along than I thought (because I thought I should be farther behind in the beginning!)?

Yesterday morning we had a tour of the OB unit of our new hospital and met the OB coordinator. She is very nice as well and helped us pre-register so we don't have to worry when labor begins. She also asked if we had anybody to watch the kids, and said if things progressed as quickly with this baby as they did with Curly Boy (I only labored 2 hours), that the nurses could probably watch Curly Girl and Boy in the hall for a bit while the labor was happening.

I love small town hospitals!

Hopefully, as we've had several people in our church volunteer, and we're hoping to talk to some friends of ours in the area, we won't have to drag the Curly Kids to the hospital with us, though I did love that Curly Girl got to meet Curly Boy before he was 30 minutes old. I think it would be nice to do that with Curly Baby as well, but to take advantage of the nurses just for that? I don't know yet. I guess it depends on what time of day Curly Baby decides to show up!

Mr. Curly is still as nervous as ever, but finding the closest parking spot and door to the OB unit helped make him feel a little better.

The boys' room is already to go and yesterday I cleaned/organized what is unpacked so that we could see what is actually left to unpack.

Today, we're in SD again, trying to get everything back once and for all. Keep your fingers crossed for us!

Post title from the old TV series "The Pretender."

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Rachel said...

From what I understand, those stomach measurements can go a certain amount of centimeters up or down from the "correct" week and still be correct. Baby's position in your uterus, amount of fluid, size of baby, your own weight gain, etc.. can all affect that measurement as well from what I know. I wouldn't really worry about it (unless your doctor was worried about it) or put too much weight in it unless you were measuring a month or more ahead. That's why they go off of due dates from the beginning of pregnancy (because babies grow at such different speeds at this point--and we all know you have tall babies!) :)