Thursday, December 30, 2010

They weren't you, honey!

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

Yes, the nuke the fridge movie. I just now saw it. Well, "just now" as in, a couple of weeks ago it was on TV.

And you know what? I loved it!

I know, I know. Critics said it should've never been made, but you know, Rocky V never should've been made, which is why we got the gem of Rocky Balboa redeeming the complete series. Sylvester Stallone was fantastic reprising his role as Rocky, a role he originated 30 years earlier. And seriously? We needed to see Rocky reconcile with his son, deal with his jerk of a brother-in-law, cope with the loss of Adrian and finally get that fight out of him. Full circle. It's beautiful.

But you know why I loved this last Indiana? Not because it was so awful we need another one to redeem it, but because they brought back Marion Ravenwood. She was always the best of the Jones' girls.

They not only brought her back, they gave her a kid. And they let Harrison Ford be that rough romantic again.

Remember in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back when Han is about to be carbon frozen, and Leia tells Han she loves him and his response is "I know?" Girls everywhere swoon over that line. I, myself, swoon over that line.

And Indiana is no different. As Marion and Jones argue over why she got married and why he didn't, (all while trying to escape the Russians, no less) Marion says "Surely there were girls after me." Jones admits there was, but that they all had problems. When Marion wants to know the problem, Jones, as he cuts her hands free, inches from her face, yells "They weren't you, honey!"


I love that tough guy forced into romance stuff. Yes, yes I do. And I'll admit it. It's why I enjoy watching action-adventure, shoot-em-up movies with Mr. Curly. Because I like the tough guy.

And just so you know, I know a man has to have more than just the toughness. Which is why I love Mr. Curly.... but that's another post.

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