Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Should we be hysterical? Maybe! But not right now!

Movie review time!

Toy Story 3.

Why in the WORLD did they make this movie? I told Mr. Curly it was only made for all the adults who like Toy Story, because some of the spoofs and jokes were WAY over the Curly Kids's heads.

And then I realized that any adult that likes Toy Story, at least adults around my age, were just entering their teen years when Toy Story (also full of spoofs and good jokes above kids's heads) was released. Boy did THAT make me feel old.

I never really wanted to watch #3, everyone I knew that had seen it had cried. I cry way too easy these days. But it was good. Very emotional story arc, marvelous ending.... and guilt about every single toy that I can't remember ever having or what happened to it.

I wasn't sure what Curly Girl was thinking, until the scary climax towards the end when she crawled into my lap, whimpering about "the toys, what is going to happen to my toys?" THAT almost made me cry, but then Curly Boy bit my shoulder and the crying over the movie and Curly Girl's distress was over.

There were so many laughs and "ah-ha" moments when you realize Andy's feelings for his toys match some of yours.

But the best part of the evening? Sitting on the floor with the Curly Kids, watching an animated movie (that I still feel was geared more to adults) that we all could enjoy. Family nights are some of my favorite things.

Oh, and while I LOVED the quote I chose for a post title, the best quote of the night goes to Mr. Curly who said (after hearing "Woody was right" for the umpteenth time) - "Woody must be a pathological liar because they NEVER believe him."

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