Friday, December 24, 2010

Happy Christmas Eve!

Well, as of this publishing of this post, I'm probably still in bed in Iowa.

We won't have internet again until after the new year, but I've written up a few posts for those of you who just can't live without me. :)

And then after the new year, will come a slew of "Look what I made!" posts.

But for now, it is Christmas Eve. My family has a tradition of listening to Focus on the Family's dramatic reading of "The Christmas Carol."

As of writing this post, I'm not sure that Mr. Curly and I will be able to do that this year. I have no idea where our CDs are, and didn't have time to look in IA last weekend. We have this vague "they were in the office last" feeling, but no clue what could've have happened to them since then. Yes, they should be packed up with the Christmas decor, but no, they are not. Mr. Curly needed them for a sermon.

But anyway, it's Christmas Eve! Tonight we will take the Curly Kids out to look at lights, we'll watch a Christmas movie with the kids (probably Charlie Brown), and read them the story of Jesus's birth as we tuck them in to bed.

Then, if we have "The Christmas Carol" Mr. Curly and I will eat too much junk food as we listen and wrap presents. We'll go to bed, excited to see our kids' faces the next morning, and for me, dreading the cooking of my first ever Christmas dinner. Wait for that post too. :)

Happy Christmas Eve all!

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