Thursday, December 23, 2010

Baby Update!

This is me at almost 23 weeks in my all-time favorite maternity shirt. Mr. Curly now lovingly refers to my stomach as "bulbous" and thinks it is really cute. Honest.

I've gained 13.3 pounds so far. I am ok with this, as long as I don't continue to gain 4-5 pounds each month for the next 4 months. This will probably mean a teensy bit more self control from me when it comes to the strawberry ice cream covered in caramel sauce (it is sooooo good).

Curly Baby is NOT a fan of having my stomach measured as he pushed and kicked hard during that part of this weeks OB appointment.

However, we did finally get a clear heartbeat (he is usually hiding so mine always interferes). Low 140s as it has been.

Hip pain is normal. Indigestion has started to kick in, but only on nights where supper is later than usual and the Curly Kids take baths. I think it's all the up and down disrupting where my food should be.

So there we have it!

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