Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Remember those nice juicy cuts of steak... leftover baby food.

Yesterday for lunch I ate a BowlAppetite! Garlic Parmesan Pasta dish. I burnt my tongue and felt that it was too heavy on the garlic and the sauce wasn't thick enough. However, about 15 minutes after eating, Curly Baby 3 started jumping! Little kicks is really all I felt, I believe the baby might still be too small to feel when he/she slides a hand around his/her world, or turns over.

I'm still amazed I'm feeling a baby move this early (well, early for me anyway)!

It made me chuckle a bit though - Curly Baby obviously appreciated the garlic pasta.

On a seemingly unrelated note....

Sunday night, on our way back up to our weekday home, we stopped at Taco Bell. Curly Boy ate half a tub of their nacho cheese plain. No chips, no "fiesta potatoes" just his fingers and nacho cheese. When we gave him a chip, he sucked the cheese off of it and handed it back for more. He ate one potato bite, and then proceeded to just scrap off the cheese and put them on his napkin.

This is typical toddler food behavior, at least for my children. The funny thing about it is, I wildly craved ballpark nacho cheese when I was pregnant with Curly Boy. Cheese of any sort really, and I'm usually not a cheese fan. Several times, my marvelous in-laws, that live just blocks from Wisconsin, sent me huge blocks of the BEST mild cheddar cheese I've ever had. I actually requested more for Christmas this year.

But what I really wanted was nacho cheese. I bought cans of it.

And now, 19 months later, Curly Boy is eating nacho cheese straight out of a tub.

It makes me wonder how much Curly Baby will adore garlic bread....

Post title roughly taken from "Lady and the Tramp"

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