Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I'm a Sunday School Teacher!

So, since our new church doesn't have any kids the Curly Kids' ages, they didn't really have a Sunday School class for them. The kindergarten teacher had been teaching them for about the first month. This was super nice of her, but the lessons for 5-7 year olds are just a bit beyond the grasp of an 18 month old and a 3 year old.

And Curly Boy screamed every time we went down there, so I had to sit in the class. And after 3 weeks, Curly Girl started saying she would go to church, but not Sunday School. It was pretty mortifying, actually, and I felt really bad for the teacher.

So, we ordered material and Sunday, Oct. 31, I taught my first Sunday School class!

This is something I always wanted to do in middle school, but since all kids hated me until my own were born, I never really had the chance.

I had a great time decorating the room on Saturday, and probably spent too much money doing it, but oh well.

The lesson was "Jesus loves me." Pretty simple. Tell the kids Jesus loves them, talk about the story in Matthew 19:14. Sing the song "Jesus loves the little children" and "Jesus loves me." Only, Curly Girl didn't believe Jesus loved her. She kept saying no.

The Sunday School book had a punch out picture of Jesus with foldable arms. According to the book, this was so Jesus could hug each child in the room. Curly Boy thought it was hilarious to have Jesus hug his nose, but Curly Girl wasn't so thrilled.. So, getting creative, I cut out two figures - one blue for a little boy, and one red for a little girl. And I showed these to Curly Girl and Boy, and made the Jesus picture hug the figures and said "See, Jesus loves these little children so much he's giving them big hugs. Jesus loves all the little children, especially you two."
I then set the pictures down on the table and pulled out some construction paper hearts for the kids to write their names on (I helped Curly Boy) and decorate with stickers so we could hang them on the wall.

When Curly Girl was done with hers, she picked up the paper figures, and had Jesus hug the little paper children and said "Jesus loves them, he's hugging them. Jesus loves all little kids."

I was so proud!
Now, she couldn't repeat the lesson to Mr. Curly that night, but at least I found a way to get it through to her then. And Curly Boy just had a good time using sticky-tak to put hearts on the wall.

We'll see what happens next week when the lesson is "Thank you, God, for my family!"

Oh, and I'll post pictures of the room, hopefully next week!

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