Thursday, October 28, 2010

Project Saturday!

Project-wise I had a completely successful weekend.

I completed 1/3 of my niece's Christmas gift (pictures after Christmas!).

I made a mini duffel bag for my children's car books out of an old night shirt.

The duffle bag instructions I found here. My pictures aren't so great, but it turned out OK. My finishing is never good, and I didn't have velcro for the closure. Still, once it was all full, it worked and looked decent. I should've taken a picture of it then!

AND, I turned a pair of pants that fit everywhere but the waist (before pregnancy) into maternity pants.

The maternity pants tutorial I found here. I followed the idea more than the instructions, but I'm very pleased with the outcome.

Where were my children during this? Well, Curly Girl helped with a few things, and then spent the day coloring or watching TV (she has a horrible head cold and was just feeling blah). Curly Boy spent most of the day wandering the house, snacking on pop tarts (so healthy, I know) and pushing cars around, quite content to be on his own (for once).

And a lot of my work was done during nap time and after they went to bed, late into the night. :)

It was a rare day, and I doubt it will be repeated, but it was nice all the same.

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