Thursday, October 21, 2010

A penny saved is a penny earned.

To Curly Girl, pennies are something fascinating. In my change at Hobby Lobby, I received a brand new 2010 penny, with the shield on the back instead of the Lincoln Memorial. With her eyes bright, Curly Girl says "Oooohh, you got me a new penny?" There was so much hope in her voice!
So of course, yes, I got her a new penny.

A couple of days ago, she had three pennies and wanted to know what size they were. Not having a ruler, and not really knowing what to say, I answered "They're just pennies, they are penny-sized, worth one cent each."

Curly Girl nodded as if this was the right answer, and then, laying her pennies out in a row said, "One for God, one for Jesus, and one for me."

Now, Curly Girl has never put money in an offering plate, but I did make her a Give/Save/Spend bank, and we talked about giving money to God. I think those God and Jesus pennies will find their way into the offering plate next Sunday. I want to encourage that simple generosity, that absolute trust that she has what she needs, so she can give one to God and one to Jesus.

Curly Girl's generosity in things she doesn't even quite grasp the full value of yet is fascinating and wonderful. I can only pray that she continues to have that generosity and sweetness as she grows. Heaven knows people can sure take it out of you.

Post title is attributed to Benjamin Franklin.


Anonymous said...

How awesome! Keep encouraging her and when she starts working she won't even think twice about giving to God and Jesus!


Curly-T said...

We took change to church yesterday to put in the Sunday School offering. Only, she refused to go to Sunday School, and we missed the church offering plate. So it is in her bag now, waiting for next Sunday.