Monday, October 4, 2010

Food Challenge Update

I think I'm on week 4. I'm not sure!
During week 2 I completely overspent. For week 3, we were only home 3 days, and then spent 5 days travelling.

This past week, my father has been visiting. On food we spent a total of $61.62. We got home Monday night, so the menu will start with Tuesday:

Lunch: Hamburgers (I had a pb&j while those at home had hamburgers. Figures). Chips, cottage cheese. All on hand.
Supper: Chicken enchalada lasagna, refried beans, tostitos. Bought: Tortillas, sauce, cream and mozzerella cheese, beans ($16.34, but had cream cheese and mozz left over for another meal because I bought too much cream cheese).

Lunch: Leftovers
Supper: Oven-fried chicken, baked potatoes, mixed veggies, dinner rolls. Bought: rolls, bacon bits for potatoes ($4.45)

Breakfast: Bacon and eggs. Bought: all of it ($7.66). Got home on Wednesday with the eggs to find a full dozen in the fridge already that neither my father or husband had noticed. So, maybe we should just count the bacon, in that case, we spent $6.33
Lunch: Whatever you can scrounge!
Supper: Baked Ziti. Bought: Tomato sauce ($1.06)

Supper: Qdoba - we were travelling to Iowa!

Lunch: 4Brothers Grill in Le Mars
Supper: Hardees (I took ingredients, but no cookware to Le Mars. Due to smaller kitchen, I didn't want to buy even cheap-o cookware, so we ate out the whole weekend.)

So, all in all, we spent $61.62 on food. $28.18 was for meals. The other $33.44 was spent on milk, cheese, peanut butter, cheez-its, honey, root beer, bananas and the extra eggs. Who knew essentials cost so much?

For the record, yes, cheez-its are essentials. Especially to a pregnant woman.

This $50/week is harder than I thought!!

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