Friday, September 10, 2010

Put one foot in front of the other....

Curly Boy walks! Finally!

Wednesday night, after the announcement was made, the children were playing on a platform. Myself and the other little girl's mother went to set with them to make sure they didn't fall off (it's about 3 feet high).

Curly Boy used the wall to stand up and then walked right past me to this other mom. 1) I was amazed that he walked past me, he's an extreme mama's boy. 2) He WALKED!! Without holding anything!

Well, of course we laughed and screamed, and so all the people came over to see what was happening. Mr. Curly got Curly Boy to walk about 3 feet to me. I swooped him up and we all laughed and applauded and said "woo hoo!" This scared him, so he lunged for the other mom.

But once we all calmed down, he walked again. Until one shoe fell off, then he crawled.
If we can keep his shoes on him, I'm sure there will be no stopping him now!

For those of you wondering, Curly Boy will be 17 months old in a week.

Title post from the song "Put one foot in front of the other" on Santa Claus Is Coming to Town.

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